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Elliott Containers has been in the shipping container industry for over 25 years, with experience in container manufacture, container fleet management and container yard management.

Elliott Containers has supplied shipping container fittings to the road transport, rail, shipping, and defence industries. We have many years of experaince in container yard and fleet management, transport operations and management across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


  • Express Freight Management: container yard design and management of several container yards in both Lae and Port Moresby
  • NZL container yard management on Auckland Wharves and container yard and container repairs including refrigerated containers for Maersk in both Auckland and Tauranga container parks.
  • Design and manufacture of a fleet of side door containers for rail for TRANZ Rail NZ
  • Refrigerated container fleet management and repair for Centrumbyggen and Mercator, Sweden
  • Fleet management for Refrigerated Freight Lines Australia.
  • Supply of refrigerated and flat racks containers to Brambles Shipping and Cairns based shipping companies.
  • Container consultation to GE Seaco
  • Import and sales of twist locks, ships deck fittings and helicopter tie downs from Peck & Hale USA.
  • Import bolt seals and range of plastic seals from Malaysia and UK
  • Import of container locking bars from Israel
  • Import of Absomatic desiccants from Sweden.
  • Transport an State management for TNT and Toll

Contact details:

  • Alastair Elliott (0487 048 090), Managing Director, Qualified Assessor. e-mail:alastair@spica.com.au
  • Anne Elliott : Finance Director and administration – BA Accounting, Graduate Diploma Business
  • Darren Clifton : International Liaison - BA Linguistics, Diploma Business.
  • Jana Clifton: China Liaison - Chinese interpreter and Provedore
  • James Clifton: IT and Web Master

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